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21 years in business!
It all just begins!
Siberian Health celebrated the twentieth anniversary in September 2016! Our background includes more than twenty years of continuous scientific work, launch of several stages of production facilities and start of sales in dozens of countries worlwide... How much is done and how much is to be done! Our slogan for the next several years is "It all just begin!", because the Company's development strategy provides for continuous progress and advancement to new achievements and new horizons!
We are known in 65 countries
Siberian Health: sales on three continents!
Today you can order products of Siberian Health in 65 countries on three continents! The Company Servicing Centers for customers and Consultants are opened in 26 countries, including the EU countries, USA, Vietnam, Mexico, Russia and CIS-countries. Each country is a huge market with inexhaustible potential. Our product lines are demanded everywhere, because of the need for the healthy lifestyle, which is common for all people on the planet. Our products won over hearts of people in dozens of states, so we can say with certainty the following: health and beauty products from the very heart of Siberia are readily accepted in any place of the world!
65 countries
There are 190 countries in the world. In 65 of them one can order the Siberian Health products!
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History of the Company
More than twenty years ago we came on the market with a bold idea to offer health and beauty products based on wild Siberian plants. We create formulas using advanced scientific developments in chronobiology, endoecology and adaptive medicine, as well as all the riches of wild Siberian nature. Since that time millions of people in dozens of countries has become loyal consumers of the products of Siberian Health!
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